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radia # 664 Avant moi / Before me und DIE ZWEITE HÄLFTE

by Jet FM

"Pourquoi le moustique, il mange le sang
de nous et pas des p‚tes ? (Why mosquitos eat our blood and not pasta?)
Pourquoi quand je regarde par la fenÍtre,
elle bouge la maison ? (Why, when i look out the windom, the house is moving?)
Pourquoi les lapins qui courent, ils sont en poils
et ceux quíon mange, ils sont en viande ? (Why the running rabbits are made of furs but those we eat are meat?)
Pourquoi les fleurs, elles dÈfleurissent ? (Why flowers unflowered?)
O˘ jíÈtais avant díÍtre dans ton ventre ? (Where am i before growing inside you?)
Avant moi, yíavait quoi ? (What's before me?)"

Avant moi (Before me) is a play for kids created in october 2017 by the theatre company Rachel Mademoizelle.It's about origin of life, creation of the planets, life on earth and evolution (in the darwin way) until our birth. Inspired by a same title childbook by drawner Emmanuelle Houssais it's a tiny tale for 3 - 6 aged. AnnaÔck Domergue did the script and played, Henri LandrÈ made the sound, played live each time, with parts of improvisation and accident (as life).
This is a radiophonic version of the play without any words (except the introduction), just trying to make sense about the evolution with sounds only.
Contains samples by Pierre Henry, David Hykes, Rafael Toral & Chris Watson. Introducing Misha LandrÈ Domergue.

radia # 394
eine Produktion von Jet FM aus 2012 by Anne-Laure Lejosne

I’ve made some binaural field recordings when I was in Laos in january 2009. But I couldn’t find what to do with those sounds until I met Sisada, a young lao woman, living in France and trying to preserve the practice of Kamouh language in her family. She told me it was quite difficult to convice the young generation to learn their original langage. We decided to work together on this piece which mixes kamouh dialect, lao, even sanscrit, a touch of english and french…

The Soundtrack is made of sounds recorded :
_ in a slow boat, on the majestic Mekong, waiting for the departure from Luang Prabang to Huay Xai (border to Thailand)
_ in the Bokeo Nature Reserve (Northern Laos), where you can ear many birds, squirrels, deer, gibbons (only singing when the sun rises)…
_ in a buddhist temple, where monks were saying a prayer
_ on a little bamboo bridge crossing the Nam Khan river in Luang Prabang
_ in a lao restaurant
_ in a village near the Bokeo forest

Kamouh Text : Sisada Heuangpraseuth
Kamouh Song : Boun Nam Chansombat
Sound creation : Anne-Laure Lejosne