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radia # 647: Gas production by Vidar Martens & DIE ZWEITE HÄLFTE radia # 644

radia # 647 for Radio Nova & radia 644 Raggam & Schiller – 100717 for Radio Helsinki

Based on field recordings from gas production, the piece creates a comfortable yet eerie soundscape.

The monotonous sound of gas production has been described as hearing the rumbling, eternal sounds of the earths core. It is the sound of ancient matter transformed to energy, energy we easily and affordably use to maintain our comfortable western life styles. The soundscape allures the idea that everything is fine and well. At the same time, we know that maintaining the status quo is leading to fast and radical changes, with more devastating effects than we want to imagine.


Show 644: Raggam & Schiller – 100717 (Radio Helsinki)

Johannes Raggam – FM – http://kaum.at/thet
Christian F. Schiller – FX – http://in-dust.org

100717 is a conceptual live improvisation with FM transmitters, FM recievers and electronics for the Radia network contribution from Radio Helsinki in Graz.

100717 plays with the medium radio itself. FM transmitters and radio receivers are connected together and brought into a self oscillating feedback loop. This sound is supported, modified and extended by live electronics software.