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radia # 640: The sublime revenge of being happy by Paulo Chagas & DIE ZWEITE HÄLFTE

#640 for Radio Zero & #235: Sintonizável by MUMTAZ

“The sublime revenge of being happy”
composed and conducted by Paulo Chagas
performed by Illustrious Unknown Creative Ensemble

Branching voices
Recognizing the journey through the cypresses
Far to the city
Away people
(This dance is just for bugs)
Away the sun
Far from a beach of solitary existences
(Woodwind instruments dig a fictitious reunion)
Bitter does not identify
Flying here is the superiority of the dream.
The Swan will never know the silence
There’s also an immense joy
Forgotten between the lines
That makes us shiver
The sublime revenge of being happy

Infinity begins to be a natural thing
The only mystery is life.

The free vanishing of ideals
In meditation on the cosmos
Freedom lit
In a huge field of sunflowers
and growing cellos

There is still the sea
The heroic delight of adventure


Composer, teacher and multi-instrumentalist, has dedicated his intervention to several strands of contemporary music, electro-acoustic, ambient, free improvisation, jazz and chamber music. Additionally he works on music production and promotion of improvised music concerts and festivals and also writes for music magazines and blogs. He is artistic director of the MIA Festival and Zpoluras Archives. Along with music, he loves to cook.



SINTONIZÁVEL is a radio programme done as a sound collage. The tuning of a radio is the concept that links all different sound sources. This programme was done using audio tapes and microphones recording life events, television sound, Internet, and so on. SINTONIZAVEL is a low tech victory from the future.

SINTONIZAVEL is a programme by MUMTAZ.