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radia # 638 : Another Communist Horror Story und DIE ZWEITE HÄLFTE

two Shows by Radio Campus Bruxelles

radia # 638 : Another Communist Horror Story
By luvan

Another Communist Horror Story is another communist horror story about child labour, deep mining, gold lust, human sacrifice and antediluvian entities lurking in the dark.

Based on a true story.
Set in Banská Štiavnica, Slovensko.

By luvan

Many thanks to Lenka Luptáková, who introduced me to the Salamander ; Léo Henry, John Sellekaers and Eve Commenge, beta-listeners ; and Carine Demange, from Radio Campus Bruxelles, for her deaf trust.

For this show, I have used tiny bits of : Baku Symphony Of Sirens, by Arseny Avraamov / Alfred Wolfsohn’s Experiments in Extension of Human Vocal Range, by Smithsonian Folkways / Starfish Dissection, by Richard Glassford II on Youtube / CROWN OF THORNS STARFISH, by ABCTVCatayst, on Youtube / Baníctvo na Porači (dokument, 2014) by Tomáš Telepák, on Youtube / Štiavnické Bane, Slovakia – šachta, by Radio Aporee, on archive.org / Novy Most Bridge, Bratislava, Lift in pylon, by Jodi Rose for Radio Aporee, on archive.org / velka causa – singing, by Radio Aporee, on archive.org / Trenčín-Kubrica, Slovenská republika – Scary Tale, by Jüang Ren, for Radio Aporee, on archive.org / Tchecoslovak TV news from 1957-9-11, on Youtube / Banská Štiavnica, slávnostné zvonenie, by Glockenman, on Youtube / Banská Štiavnica – zvon Umieračik ( c” ), by Glockenman, on Youtube / A few interpretations of Edgar Allan Poe’s poem Bells, for Librivox / Snow White, the Slovak dubbing version from year 1970, on Youtube / Old ORIGINAL GERMAN AIR RAID SIREN TEST, by e57michel, on Youtube / Venus fly trap – The Private Life of Plants – David Attenborough – BBC, on Youtube / S-40 siren test, by Olafs Kodolšķiltava, on Youtube / The sound of sea urchins crunching as they eat par ABCRadioN-1, on Soundcloud / Scenes from the film The Haunting, by Robert Wise, featuring the voices of Julie Harris and Claire Bloom, on Youtube / The pre-recorded voices of Juliette, Alice, Bruno, Alain, Anjali, Reiner, Francesca, Audrey, Rachel and Lucy on NaturalReaders.Com / My own field recordings / My own voice / My own text / Hope I’m not forgetting anyone / Cheers, luvan / www.luvan.org/blog / https://soundcloud.com/luvan

radia # 177: 2 pieces by Aymeric de Tapol
for Radio Campus Bruxelles

1 AIR / WATER / FIRE, 2006/2008, 18 min.

“This first piece is a mix of different field recordings made with different microphones in different places between 2006 and 2008, like on the top of the church of Strasbourg, inside the corner of a house on the Atlantic french west coast, in the Vosges mountains(France), under the ceiling in Toulouse, in a book shop in Dashanzi (beinjing,china), and outside in Germany.”

2 MECHANICAL WATER, 2008, 10 min.

“The second Piece is a field recording in front of the BROOKLYNN MUSEUM in New York city.”

Aymeric de Tapol