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Sendung vom 13.04.2017 15:00:

radia #628: It’s in my Nature by Brane Zorman & DIE ZWEITE HÄLFTE

for Radio Študent 89,3 MHz, Ljubljana

As certain spaces and times have become oversaturated due to urbanisation and the population explosion, certain (animal) species have began withdrawing to unpopulated landscapes and unoccupied times – into the night. We understand these withdrawals as a search for solutions that could lead to a ‘better quality of life’, an existence that would be better than the one offered to us by the oversaturated space-time.

Zorman created a 55min long wolf howling composition using from various sources and recordings techniques that was commissioned and premiered during radioCona:wolFMoon project in january 2017 (http://www.radiocona.si/radioconawolfmoon/).

This shorter edited version dives a listener to a cold winter night when wolfs howl to mark and protect their territory in and symphony of one of the most suggestive and powerful sound of nature which can be heard on remote parts of wolfs packs landscape.


Nr. 7

Karl Schönswetter lässt sich Musik vorspielen und bewertet diese Live. Was gefällt bleibt, was nicht gefällt wird beinhart geskipped. Eine skulpturale Musiksendung mit Monologen über Musikgeschmack und "Musiness".