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radia #612: Life Fragments in 11 Movements & DIE ZWEITE HÄLFTE

by Jared Sagar for Kanal103


Each movement is a moment, a place in separate time. All the sequences have been placed together in order when they were first originally recorded. These sounds are all found in our world. Some natural, some man-made.
They are mostly, apart from one or two, all field recordings, everyday sounds of the forgotten, music that we choose to ignore or music that just passes through and hides within our subconscious.
I have altered these recordings and given them a new life, new breath.

Mixed and Mastered in my kitchen on a monday morning.
Jared Sagar


Jared Sagar is a composer from the United Kingdom. He specialises mostly in the experimental genre mixing drone/ambient/minimalism and abstraction together. His works feature field recordings as the basis to the sound, then he manipulates these recordings to give life to something new, something different and fresh.
Jared has released works on several labels including Sonospace, Phonographiq, Post Global Recordings and Petroglyph.




Kanal 103 Transmission #208: "In the name of Science"

In a dark and dusty basement in suburban Skopje, we have found an analogue AM radio receiver dating from 1954. Tinkering with the knobs we scanned Europe's AM airwaves and recorded the process. The first half of the show is some of the raw recording, while the second are two tracks made by experimental artists Andrej Ancevski (AHz) and Martin Anastasovski using the only the recorded samples as generated sounds, layered and run through various effects.

Andrej Ancevski/Andreas Hz is an electronics engineer, music producer and everything in between. Likes to listen to radio and the world around him, tinker with machines and gadgets, play some music to nice people in clubs and sip martini when no one is looking.