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radia #603: Postcards from ISISTANBUL & DIE ZWEITE HÄLFTE

by 2/5BZ (aka Serhat Köksal) for Reboot.fm (Berlin, DE)

radia #603: Postcards from ISISTANBUL
by 2/5BZ (aka Serhat Köksal) for Reboot.fm (Berlin, DE)

Selected set pieces from Gozel Radio’s 2014-2016 broadcasts: "Postcards from ISISTANBUL".
New global power complexes demand new multi-sensory ways of seeing power and sensing one’s own position in it: new sets of sensory politics. Following the concept of "altered states" — a geopolitics spectralized by sensory overload and dispossession and by the relocation of power in the post-democratic or post-digital era — the 2/5BZ works "SERHILDUB vs. ISISTANBUL" reconsider what is (or was) referred to as Sustainable ISISolation States, TISA-ISIStanbul Hologram Doctrines, Spywarezullah Harassment Agencies, Golden Age Palaverel Universes, Eurottoman and Nattoman Empire/Autonomie of Hardcore Ultra Modernism.

2/5BZ, aka Serhat Köksal, has worked as a multimedia artist with various releases in video, music, and literary formats since 1991. The work often balances on the verge of trash, and continuously engages with remakes and collages of music, cinema, speech and field recordings. 2/5BZ has performed live audiovisual performances under motto ”NO Touristik NO Exotik” in 91 cities in clubs, festivals, squats, and exhibitions.

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DIE ZWEITE HÄLFTE präsentiert:
Eine dröhnende und windige "Reboot.fm" - Transmission aus dem Jahr 2014.

radia #454: Wind Walk Radio
by Karl-Heinz Jeron for Reboot.fm (Berlin, DE)

"I give guided tours through wind parks to discover the versatile and interesting sounds. Some residents living near wind parks complain regularly about the noise. The philosopher Kant let a raucous cock end as a soup ingredient. John Cage suggested an alternative: "If noise is bothering you, listen to it."
This project is taking John Cage literally.
In a wind park the first acoustic impression is only a buzz or a hum tone. Listening closer one can identify a surprising array of sounds and acoustic colours.”

Karl-Heinz Jeron
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