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radia #596: our act to time has come & DIE ZWEITE HÄLFTE

by [q_a] for Radio Corax

political protest is always about delivering a message. about sending a signal to the public.

in this piece i tried to catch the signals to the public of a day in frankfurt, 150318, when the new ecb-tower was opened to the public and when massive protests took place. i made some soundwalks this day and this piece is a version to listen to the music of the streets wrapped up for radio.

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DIE ZWEITE HÄLFTE präsentiert:

radia #472: UIOR by Radio Corax

UIOR belongs to the experimental German-Russian Noiseart-scene and mixed a heaven&hell-set for Radio Corax and radia.fm

In the last years UIOR started to work with frequencies beyond our audible range – silent sounds effectively … – UIOR doesn’t work for music-labels anymore but joined different fine art ensembles in St. Petersburg and Tallinn.