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by Opcion Herbst for Radio Helsinki (Graz, AT)

radia #589: OPCION/HERBST
by Opcion Herbst for Radio Helsinki (Graz, AT)

OPCION/HERBST(AT) live at KLUB MOOZAK, Dez. 9th, 2015 (excerpts)
Opcion Herbst is is a an Austrian multidiscipline sound artist activist from and Graz based Opcion in acts in Graz. the, often areas credited of simply as sound, Herbst. vision, Herbst space uses and Analog their Modular hybrid Synthesizer forms. and 1995 Effects. Since Beside Opcion his has solo been performances, producer Herbst of is various part brachial-atmospheric of electro the sound FS Massaker Trio structures and under the different Regolith pseudonyms. band.

OPCION artist page
HERBST artist page
MOOZAK record label

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DIE ZWEITE HÄLFTE präsentiert:
Eine verschollene Transmission der letzten Woche.

radia #588: Forgetfullness
by Magnus Oledal for Radio Nova (Oslo, NO)

Forgetfulness is a mental sculpture. The piece starts with a session of relaxation. As you listen, you may feel a connection to new age or therapy. You should however try to look beyond these assosiations to fully experience the mental sculpture.

Magnus Oledal (b.1972, Sweden). Oledal holds a Masters degree in Fine Art from The Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. He mainly works with sculpture. One of his main concerns is to create encounters that heighten the viewer’s awareness of her own body and the cognitive functions that enable and produce this encounter. He has been involved in the collaborative art project ‘Tomma Rum’ (Empty Rooms) since its inception in 2003. He exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Scandinavia and abroad. Lives and works in Oslo.

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