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radia #583 - Koímêsis by Moniek & DIE ZWEITE HÄLFTE

WH: radia #583 for Radio Campus Bruxelles & radia #327: Nitropic by Karl Schönswetter

Show 583 – Koímêsis by Moniek (Radio Campus Bruxelles)
Koímêsis is a live radio performance in French and Greek ; a political poetry choir on Europe.
« In August 2015, one month after the adoption of the Greece Memorandum of Understanding, the ‘No to the No’, I walked through the streets of Athens. The Greek Orthodoxs were celebrating the Koimesis. Koimesis means ‘dormition’. A sacred condition between sleep and death. Koímêsis forms a book of thirty-nine short poems on political and physic apathy, the sun, the beauty and the morbid. » (luvan, may 2016)
Production : Carine Demange & Moniek
Poems in French : luvan
Greek translation : Iota Gaganas
The Choir : luvan, Iota Gaganas, Carine Demange, Anne Lepère, Chloé Despax, Anna Raimondo and Deena Abdelwahed (as Moniek team and guests).
Accoustic work : Anne Lepère
Music : J.A.T.A.C.
Artwork : Laure Afchain
You can buy Koímêsis (French – Greek), and luvan’s other publications (French) here.
A performance by the radio collective Moniek, commissioned by Saout Radio and recorded live on the 9th of may 2016, at Radio Campus Bruxelles.
saout state
It was included in the program “Saout as a state of mind #2” that lunched Saout Radio, a platform and web radio initiated by the artists Younes Baba-Ali and Anna Raimondo in Morocco in 2012. “Saout” (i.e. “sound” and “voice” in Arabic) Radio, as an evolving archive, gathers more than 100 artists from all over the world, the web-radio aims at being both a sonic display and a space for reflexion, production and diffusion of sound and radio art works coming from different contexts and geographies, (by) endorsing a postcolonial approach.
Follow here :
Moniek : www.mixcloud.com/Radio_Moniek/
luvan : www.luvan.org/blog
Carine Demange : https://soundcloud.com/kikaplum/
Saout Radio : www.saoutradio.com
Radio Campus Bruxelles : www.radiocampus.be

NITROPIC (radia #327)
this sound collage is an offer to contemplate “expectations”. intros and interludes are little sound sculptures which are preparing the listeners for the main feature. this time you will have to deal with the fact, that the emotional energy of these little ‘push-ups’ is potentially increased by consuming only this type of sound. the question is – what will happen to you when you are listening to such a great amount of emotional uplift? Do listeners really believe in the power of music or will they rather be afraid of the epic shift in consciousness?
technical info: you are listening to original samples. there are no effect overdubs on this mix.
artists in sort of appearance:
can, the roots, eminem, brian eno & david byrne, pink floyd, dj shadow, five deez, polarkreis 18, gorillaz, gustav mahler, neu!, muse, gorillaz, within temptation, alkbottle, peter gabriel, massive attack, boards of canada, octogon man, palmskin productions, basement jaxx, sigur rós, gustav, dr. dre, east flatbush project, jimi hendrix, john forgerty, manu chao, gianna nannini, iron maiden, james lavelle, kinderzimmer productions, mono & nikitaman, kraftwerk
conducted and produced by karl schönswetter
for Orange 94.0, Vienna, and the radia.fm network
speaker maria herold