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radia #584: Casting & DIE ZWEITE HÄLFTE

by the workshop attendees (Radio V&A) for Soundart Radio (Devon, UK)

radia #584: Casting
by the workshop attendees (Radio V&A) for Soundart Radio (Devon, UK)

Broadcasting as spell casting – sending out our intentions into the atmosphere, allowing them to fall where they need to, affect who they may, and communicate our deeper desires, even when wrapped in other text, and encoded into radio waves or digital data.

At Radio V&A – an evening event at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, February 2016 – we invited people to think about their true messages, whilst reading and recording other texts. These texts, together with sine waves selected to stimulate change in the world, form sonic sigils, carriers for our plans and desires.

Thanks to all the contributors who attended our workshop, and to the Victoria and Albert Museum.

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DIE ZWEITE HÄLFTE präsentiert:
Eine verträumte Gourmet-Transmission aus dem Archiv (2012).

radia #386: Radio Dreaming Episode 1 - Dreams, Food and the Edible Landscape
by Anna Keleher and Claire Coté for Soundart Radio (Devon, UK)

One year ago contemporary artists Anna Keleher (Devon, England) and Claire Coté (New Mexico, USA) were busy DREAMING PLACE at Marble Arch Caves Global Geopark in Éire and Northern Ireland. Now, an international audience can share their sonic adventures via a series of radio broadcasts woven from their experience. Based on an ancient Celtic tradition that the land remembers everything, Radio Dreaming explores how the land speaks through dreamers.

DREAMING PLACE is about deepening and illuminating our relationship with Place and we are excited to be sharing our project with audiences around the globe. Radio is an exciting medium that enables artists to reach people in their own homes or cars, in cities, small towns or very rural settings, says Claire Coté.

In this first Radio Dreaming episode, listeners are invited to join Anna and Claire wild camping, eating, drawing, walking and kayaking their way through the Geopark to meet its people, places, creatures and things. Episode 1 features stories, conversations and soundscapes of dreams, food, and edible geopark landscapes.

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