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radia # 574: Travel Sounds DIE ZWEITE HÄLFTE radia # 358

Die aktuelle und eine Ältere Radia-Sendung von Tea FM direkt aus Zaragosa

radia # 574 Travel Sounds
a sound work by Chuse Fernandez

When you make a journey, a world of sounds, voices environments grows and evolves around you. It is a good exercise to pay attention to the sound universe around you to discover those details split after a child’s voice, a call warning or a distant motor.
A sound work from Chuse Fernandez with sound captures from Aragon, Spain and Colombia.

Cuando viajas, un mundo de sonidos, ambientes y voces crece y evoluciona a tu alrededor. Es un buen ejercicio prestar atención a ese universo sonoro para descubrir aquellos detalles escindidos tras una voz de niño, una llamada de aviso o un motor lejano.

stellt eine Wiederholung vor und gegenüber. Eine Produktion von Chuse Fernandez (Tea FM) von 2012, welche sich einer der Pionierinnen der Elektro-Akustischen Musik widmet.
radia # 358 Oramic Radio Sounds

The School of Creative Radio TEA FM from Zaragoza has developed a new radio documentary based on the works and sounds made by Daphne Oram (Dec 31th 1923 – Jan 5th 2003) British composer and electronic musician. She was the creator of the “Oramics” technique for creating electronic sounds.
Developed in documentary form, we will cross the sounds created by her “Oramics Machine” and we will talk with people close to her and her work.

In 1959 she installed her Oramics Studios for Electronic Composition in Tower Folly, a converted oast house at Fairseat, near Wrotham, Kent. Her output from the studio, mostly commercial, covered a far wider range than the Radiophonic Workshop, providing background music for not only radio and television but also theatre and short commercial films. She was also commissioned to provide sounds for installations and exhibitions. Other work from this studio included electronic sounds for Jack Clayton’s 1961 horror film The Innocents, concert works including Four Aspects and collaborations with opera composer Thea Musgrave and Ivor Walsworth.

With the voice and talent of:
Isabel Aparicio, Daniel Canelo, Mar Gonzalez, Manuel Alcaine, Miguel Deza, Reyes Casasnovas and Carlos Berdiel

Music & FX:
Daphne Oram, TEA FM FX gallery, BBC and MEC Sound Archive

Script and production:
Chuse Fernandez