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radia #564: RADIO création poétique contemporaine & DIE ZWEITE HÄLFTE

No. 564 by Anne-James Chaton for Radio Papesse

This show is a 28 minutes mix of RADIO a poetry live on air event, conceived and produced by Anne-James Chaton

RADIO has been a 24-hour celebration of contemporary poetry broadcasted live from the Fondation Luis Vuitton in Paris on Dec. 11th and 12th, 2015.

The live programme explored all aspects of contemporary poetry in the form of debates, readings, concerts, performances, interviews, narrative films and documentaries. With contributions from poets and performers from all over the world, RADIO was not limited by borders.
The mix produced for the Radia Show includes (more info @ radia.fm) ...

a Radio Papesse Double-Feature!

Repetition of Radia-Transmission No. 513:

VHS tape loop in a magnetic field by Eddie Spanier & Black Monk

A closed circuit formed by a loop that exploits the digital technology in VHS and a magnetic field, activated by the magnets of a powered speaker for the diffusion of audio. This system ensures the maintenance of an onanistic process that leads to constant and progressive disruption of the audio and video signal supported by the magnetic tape of the VHS. The residual audio, which gradually loses quality, is channeled into a mixing system and spread through the same audio speakers that degenerate the sound source itself.

This show was produced for Radio Papesse from the recordings of a performance held at xenos arte contemporanea (Firenze) in October 2014

(more info @ radia.fm)