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Birgit widmet sich: Le Toy

Musik aus Österreich

Le Toy is the Space-Pop, Disco-Metal Project from Flo (Stinatz) and Makki (Hartberg). He, -a gentle-eyed rock-metal warhorse; She, -a whacky electro-pop schmaltzy-drum; together they totally nail it.
They are accompanied by the talented drummer and storyteller Max Strokes.

Le Toy was founded in 2010 by the artists Daniela Riedl (aka Makki) and Florian Lang who met during their studies at the academy of fine arts vienna. Their first album Humanize tells us stories about human imperfection as a threat to humanity but also as a source for arts, laughter and liveliness. Robots, Aliens and Monsters are allegories for feelings and circumstances we have to cope with on our journey to authenticity.