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radia #510: Second Sketch for Ascent and Descent/A Secret Postscript

a contribution by Resonance FM/London

The Resonance Radio Orchestra was up in Scotland in August 2014 when Resonance104.4fm broadcast Remote Performances, live from Outlandia, Glen Nevis, in a collaboration between the radio station and artists London Fieldworks. This live radiophonic work is called Second Sketch for Ascent and Descent. It was written, arranged and produced by Ed Baxter, and features Ed Baxter (bass guitar), Tam Dean Burn (voice), Ewen Campbell (whistling), Miriam Iowerth (xylophone), Peter Lanceley (electric guitar, singing), Charlie Menzies (fiddle), and Michael Umney (piano). In November 2014 we asked eminent American country singer Bob Cheevers to read a script for a new work. At the end of that recording he improvised a fragmentary text which – since it fitted perfectly with the theme, unbeknownst to Bob – we’ve now combined with the other Remote Performances material as A Secret Postscript.