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radia # 417: CEREBRO

by Nathalie Blanc & Amaury Bourget for JET FM

Cerebro is the result of the meeting between Nathalie Blanc, geograph-poet and SemoNO!LinA/Amaury Bourget, musician. During 2008/09, they worked together and composed 3 pieces with the texts written and read by Nathalie Blanc.
Acrobatic science fiction, this text tempts to cavort in limbo of a little bit atmospheric reflection, but which try to exhaust the detail of what is expressed here exactly, that is to say the future, our future…
These pieces are written to be live played, what the duet will make in particular for the Poetry international biennial event in Val-de-Marne, in 2009.
As suggested by JetFM, the project has been “updated” in a version which becomes trilingual (French, Portuguese, English) and accomodated musically.

Nathalie Blanc : geograph-poet : http://nathalieblanc.free.fr

Amaury Bourget/SemoNO!LinA : musician : http://linfusoire.free.fr/amaury.html

Thanks to Anne-Laure Lejosne, Damien Fourcot, Gilles Bruni, Philippe Brioude.